West Dover Inn, Mount Snow, Vermont


This deal has ended for the 2017 - 2018 ski season.  


 Your Very Own Room at The West Dover Inn for this Winter Season (from Mt Snow Opening day until the last day of Skiing)


How does this loyalty card program work?


You choose a room or suite that you would like to enjoy every time you come to Dover and we will save that room/suite for you.


We will text you on Wednesday nights each week and ask if you are planning on coming this weekend.


If you respond "yes" we are coming,  we will reserve your room for you - but  - if your respond "no" and you''re not coming this weekend then we will sell the room to one of our other guests 


When you use the room, we will deduct that room rate amount from your loyalty card account -  and  - if you don't use the room, your account does not get charged. 


You room and loyalty account can be used by anyone you want to give the ok to stay with us  ie .... friends, close family members, in-laws, "as long as you approve it they can use it"


How Much does it cost?

You pay $4000 and we give you $4800 on a loyalty gift card -




When your loyalty card account gets low, you simply add more dollars to your account 

The account is active year round for any room and restaurant charges.


How is this better than renting a condo or just getting a hotel room when we want to come to Dover?

You know that you always have a room ready for you when you come - you can arrive late night and not worry about front desk check in procedures

 (check in time is still anytime after 4pm on arrival day and check out is 11am on your departure day)

No worries about paying for a place and not using it   - you will save thousands of dollars $$$$$$$$$$

No cleaning, cooking, repairs, property taxes etc etc etc


Just come, eat, drink, ski, relax and when you're ready, you can head back to the hustle and bustle of city life.